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MIFF Furniverse将于2021年回归,2021年3月8日至12日再次举行,为全球家具买家提供在线采购的替代方案。

MIFF Furniverse是MIFF最新的线上活动体验,通过在线虚拟的环境,连接全球家具买家,让买家从世界的任何角落与参展商进行实时沟通洽商,仿如身在实体展会。

MIFF Furniverse提供了一个让家具行家进行业务,建立人脉的平台,将买家与值得信赖的供应商连接起来,让家具企业在这个充满挑战的时代持续发展.

全球家具市场充满了机遇! 采购家具从未如此简单, 只需轻动指尖,一键搞定。

MIFF Furniverse将使您的业务超越无限。

The next edition of MIFF Furniverse will be held on 20-24 September 2021.

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Features available at MIFF Furniverse:

  • Live Chat / Video Calling
    Buyers can communicate with manufacturers directly
  • Exhibition Hall
    Easy navigation as buyers can find manufacturers through intuitive browsing
  • Business Meeting Room
    Buyers can schedule meetings with exhibitors and establish contact with manufacturers and sellers
  • Exhibitor Lounge
    Exhibitors can approach and send enquiries to buyers
  • Webinar @ The Stage
    Watch live product/service presentations
  • The Theatre
    Watch videos of MIFF Furniverse exhibitors’ product collections


Furniture Sourcing at MIFF Digital Showroom

MIFF Furniverse 2021展后报告

With the success of its first edition, MIFF Furnverse 2021 once again successfully conducted a productive sourcing month for the furniture community from around the globe.

The 5-day live market event managed to attract 1,703 visits from more than 101 countries and regions, 31% among the buyers are new to MIFF. More than 3,700 business leads were generated; with a tremendous increase in sales, almost four times the volume of the previous year. Total sales through MIFF Furniverse amounted to US$ 4.55 million.

To source for new products and place order are the two most important reasons for buyers to log on to MIFF Furniverse. Buyers from United States top the list, followed by India, UK, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Ireland, and UAE.

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MIFF Creative Business Webinar Series

Take a break and spare some time to attend the MIFF Creative Business Webinar series moderated by Dr. Eric Leong during MIFF Furniverse 2021. This is a great opportunity to interact with our speakers and grow your knowledge of best practices that are pertinent to your brand.

Mark your calendar and get ready to be inspired.

Meet our Moderator

Dr Eric Leong

Chief Judge of MIFF FDC 2021
Assistant Professor & Dean of Art & Design Faculty
New Era University College, Malaysia

Dr Eric Leong is a celebrity design guru for 30 years, he is also known as DREL. A popular home makeover series and lifestyle shows aired on Malaysian television and radio has left him with the crown as “King of Design”.

Webinar Schedule

How a day-to-day problem led to the designer solution and then turns into a business opportunity, this process involves not only design thinking but also business thinking. Let’s listen to Ms Jo Ten, COO of Stream Empire Holdings on their story of diversifying their business as Malaysia’s leading sport and leisure brands distributor into furniture line.


Jo Ten, COO, Stream Empire Holdings

Jo Ten has been a thoroughbred with Stream since her days as a management trainee. She has moved up the management ranks and was pivotal in leading Stream towards its Southeast Asian expansion including the JD Sports venture. She now sits in the role of chief operating officer of Stream.

Watch Webinar On-Demand

In this series, Dr Eric Leong will talk to invited exhibitors from MIFF Furniverse to find out more of their brands, and business story - how they explore business opportunity in the new normal.


Mr. Tey Lay Hui, General Manager, Home Best Enterprise Corp

Mr. Tey Lay Hui, the General Manager of Home Best with 30 years of experience in the furniture industry. Under his leadership, he holds “Quality, Service, Reliability” to be the core of company’s value and instilled “Sincerity, Harmony, Determination and Dedication” as team culture to complete every task with the best of ability. Innovative and performance-driven entrepreneur with a deep passion for technology and business, Mr. Tey manage every aspects of business development. With his ability to work, great time management, and remain calm under pressure, he took one step further to grab business opportunity in the new normal.

Mr. Mark Lim, Marketing Manager, Reliable Trend

Marketing Manager of Reliable Trend, Mr. Mark Lim always staying current with trends in furniture market which allows him to be involved in the Research & Development, share his inputs for developing new product design. Working with Reliable Trend for 10 years in sales and marketing department, he spearheaded the company’s sales team. Mr. Lim has been in the home industry for 15 years.

Mr. Ralph Ong, Managing Director, Oasis Furniture Industries

Managing Director and the founder of Oasis Health & Wellness Design Group, Mr. Ralph Ong is the intrepid leader of Oasis and responsible for steering his team to where they need to go by devising overall concepts and company direction.

Ms. Joey Yap, Assistant Marketing Manager, Oasis Furniture Industries

Ms. Joey Yap is one of the main people who leads the marketing team of Oasis Furniture Industries, works to business formulating concepts that will make Oasis unique or more attractive to customers. Ms. Yap has been in the office furniture industry for more than 7 years.

Watch Webinar On-Demand